Introduction to Ethereum

Now let’s move to the platform you are going to use first. It is Ethereum, which is used to develope DApps (Decentralized apps).


Ethereum is an open source decentralized platform featuring smart contract functionality. It provides a decentralized virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), that can execute peer-to-peer contracts using a crypto-fuel called Ether.

How it works

  • Ethereum blockchain network is simply lots of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machines) or “nodes” connected to every other node to create a mesh. An EVM can be visualized as a simple nodejs (or any other) process for example which behaves like a full-fledged Ethereum instance.
  • Each node runs a copy of the entire blockchain and competes to mine the next block or validate a transaction.
  • Whenever a new block is added, the blockchain get updated and this change is propagated to the entire network, such that each node is in sync.
  • To become a node in the Ethereum network, your computer will have to download (and keep updated) a copy of the entire Ethereum blockchain through CLI tools which Ethereum provides. Geth is one such tool which is intended for web development.

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