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Virtual Force is a technology consulting company specialized in developing and implementing growth models using technology for private and public HealthCare companies. Our experienced product team has years of experience building digital HealthCare platforms. We have built platforms in Telemedicine, Medication Management, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Diagnostics and Monitoring, Clinics and Practice Automation including EHR/EM and mHealth Platforms for Fitness and Wellness. Our Engineering team is experienced in building and simplifying complex health tech architectures fully compliant with regulatory aspects of HIPPA and GDPR. We have strong Quality Assurance, Privacy and Security Compliance capability along with experience of handling Big Data, using Artificial Intelligence and Interoperability with Vendors.



COPD Rehabilitation Application

Health Rhythms

Improving Behavioral Health Through Sensing


Online Healthcare Portal


Connecting Patients to Right Doctors, Right Away

Moving Analytics

Digital Cardiac Rehab and Secondary Prevention Program


On Demand and At Home Healthcare Platform as an Alternate to Urgent Care or ER Visits


Alternate Financing for Medical Expense


Web App for Fitness and Wellness of Adults

Remote Health Assistance

Google Glass Application

12+ Health Tech Platforms
$10M + Funding raised by startups
50K + Engineer Hours


Mike Kwon

Founder and CEO White Coat

“I had a great experience working with Virtual Force, and would highly recommend the company to other startups in our network, but more importantly continue to use Virtual Force for all of WhiteCoat’s product development.”

Miguel Monteiro

Director & Co-Founder MIDA Medical Technologies

“When it comes to software development, there are hundreds of suppliers out there nowadays. However, when it comes to an institution dedicated to helping start-ups excel under reasonable parameters, I can only think Virtual Force. Their dedication and compassion towards small start-up companies such as ours is a complete breath of fresh air, and it gave us the confidence to continue on the hard journey that is starting a business. They helped us transform a simple idea for a COPD healthcare app into our company’s very first product. “

Harsh Vathsangam, PhD

CEO, Moving Analytics

“I can confidently recommend Virtual Force for Product development. They helped us think through, plan, prioritize and develop the app for our healthcare platform. The app now has paying customers which are expected to grow in number and I am very happy with the Tech that has been developed.”

Thomas Ehrengren

CEO MediCheck AB, Sweden

“We have successfully been supported by VF in building our digital health platform. The knowledge and expertise of VF have significantly contributed to the success of MediCheck.”

Regulatory and Compliance

Global Digital HealthCare industry is growing from US$200 Billion market in 2017 to an anticipated US$536 Billion in 2025. Startups are getting increased exposure and investments. Corporates are pumping in money to enable HealthCare players to serve the never ending demand. There is a growing focus in improving HealthCare IT infrastructure driven by rising usage of mobile platforms and mHealth initiatives. However, regulatory and compliance laws are tightening up especially in US and Europe to enforce these businesses to comply. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) pose a growing challenge for existing platforms and new ones to fulfil their technology requirements. Our engineering team at Virtual Force takes special care to help our clients be prepared for the compliance.


Tech Stack


  • tech icon Javascript
  • tech icon Angular
  • tech icon React
  • tech icon Backbone
  • tech icon Vue.js


  • tech icon Ruby on rails
  • tech icon Php
  • tech icon Node.js
  • tech icon .Net


  • tech icon Swift
  • tech icon Objective C


  • tech icon Native java
  • tech icon Material design
  • tech icon Kotlin


  • tech icon Ionic
  • tech icon Meteor
  • tech icon React native


  • tech icon Aws
  • tech icon Azure
  • tech icon Digital ocean

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